Wednesday Night Study Spring 2019

Three Simple Rules…The Wesleyan Recipe for Holy Living

Why does the simplicity of something also make living into it so complicated?  Consider these three concepts for daily living - Do no harm…Do good…Stay in love with God. Sounds easy enough, until you actually try them out…make them the goals you strive to achieve…every day. If you thought trying to follow three rules would be easier than obeying Ten commandments, think again. Yet John Wesley promoted these concepts as the way to ground external righteousness with internal holiness. For Wesley, holiness was an inward state that is manifested through outward actions. The outward actions are empty without the inward change of heart, and the inward change of heart, if genuine, would result in a new way of living. In a four-week study on Wednesday nights we will use material crafted by United Methodist Bishop Reuben Job to try and grasp how we might find this holy balance that for Wesley, means to be changed by the power of God. The class is led by Rev. David Weatherly and will meet on March 20, 27, April 3, and 10 in the Spirit Center. Copies of Reuben Job’s book will be available for $5.00. They may be purchased through the church office starting Sunday, March 17.