Lent 2019


The color red brings forth many possible feelings and meanings. Stop, danger, blood, lust, anger, and passion are just a few examples. But if you grew up in a certain era of biblical printing and reading, you may have had a red-letter Bible. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, the first bibles were printed with the words recorded as being spoken by Jesus identified in red. It served a variety of purposes, including emphasizing the words of Christ, but also because it saved space by eliminating quotation marks in these portions of the body of the gospel text.
We live in what could be described as red-letter days. Those examples of the color red all apply in some capacity to our church, nation, and world. We are divided, angry, and passionate about many things. This has caused us to take sides and promote agendas that have sacrificed fairness and unity for the sake of being right. There is a new song by the christian artist David Crowder called "Red-Letters". The emphasis of the lyrics is based upon giving thanks for the red-letters we find in scripture - the thoughts, words, and teachings of Jesus Christ. This red-letter wisdom guides us, assures us, and saves us. These are the red-letter words we need to get us through these red-letter days.
During the season of Lent at Covenant UMC, the red-letters will be our theme and point of emphasis. I and Rev. Dr. Harry Durbin will be intentionally seeking specific words of Christ for worship and preaching that we believe are critical to finding the grace we need to sustain us in such a time as this. We hope you will join us for all of the worship experiences that the Lent and Easter season offers, beginning with the repentant Ash Wednesday services on March 6 at 12noon (Spirit Center) and 7:00pm (Sanctuary), the somber Maundy Thursday service on April 18 at 7:00pm and concluding with the glory of Easter worship at 9:00am (traditional) and 11:15am (contemporary) on April 21. 
Beginning on Sunday, March 24 Lenten devotional booklets called "The Sanctuary for Lent" will be provided for you to take home and read for your personal time of daily reflection and prayer. We hope you will take one per household and perhaps one for someone you think might benefit that does not attend Covenant regularly or doesn't have a church home. 
Lent and Easter are a most divine time for any Christian. But it is especially important to engage our faith through the disciplines of prayer, reflection, worship, and service as we all walk with Jesus to the cross, where his blood is shed for us and our sins are washed away. May the red-letter words of Christ be our light for the red-letter days in which we live.  (Click here to listen to "Red Letters" video)
Your pastor,
David Weatherly