Covenant Plans Related to Coronavirus

Youth Sunday 

One of the worship experiences our congregation has always looked forward to is Youth Sunday. Over the years our young people have offered very inspiring and meaningful acts of worship that have helped us feel joyful in the present and hopeful about the future. Those feelings are especially needed during these times. 

Our Director of Student Ministries, Jeff Roberts, and our youth leaders did not hesitate when asked if they wanted to proceed with the plans put in place several months ago for March 29 to be a Youth Sunday worship service. Is this service what they originally planned? No, but what is right now?

So as we prepare to join in worship this Sunday at 10:00 on our new YouTube channel, be prepared to have your hearts moved and your spirits stirred by the faith and witness of our young people.'re either young or your're young at heart! 

Here is everything you need to follow along and participate...

An order of Service, including words to all the songs. These were picked by the youth. If you are not familiar with them, open your heart to the lyrics and follow along. They are very relevant to both the scripture of the day - John 11:1-44, the raising of Lazarus - and our current challenge to keep the faith in the midst of uncertainty. It would be good to read the passage ahead of time and be pondering what it means to you. You can read it HERE.

Some parts of the service are on video to allow more youth to participate and limit the number of people in the room for the live-stream.

We suggest that you print this order of service and have it ready when the service begins at 10:00. Or you can watch the service on one device and have the order of service pulled up on another device and use it as your worship guide. 

As for the offering, we ask that you continue giving as usual, but write your check and mail it or give online after the service has concluded. 

or the church mailing address is:

Covenant UMC
8350 Walnut Grove Rd.
Cordova, TN 381018


*If you are not able to watch the service live, or you would like to watch it again later, it will remain on the Covenant YouTube page and you may watch at your convenience.




NEXT SUNDAY...April 5th
Worship from the Covenant sanctuary
with traditional music and liturgy for
Palm-Passion Sunday