Wednesday Night Study Spring 2021

Dream Big

We could all use something uplifting and thought-provoking. Author, lawyer, Christian speaker and motivator Bob Goff is always a good source of hope and wisdom, with some zaniness mixed in to keep us all wondering, what will Bob say next?

So join us as we engage his latest book, Dream Big.

At some point, we resign ourselves to living by the scripts and rhythms established by other people. Perhaps it's a parent. Maybe it's a pastor or a boss or a teacher. Maybe it's a mortgage or wedding date or that next pay raise. Wherever the source, today there is an ocean full of people living on the life rafts of what they were expected to do. If we look at the mirror, we might see ourselves on that life raft as well.

In this five-session study Bob will take us on a journey he has already traveled and help us to discover/rediscover the dreams God has for us and how to turn them into reality. Dream Big will help us understand that God has a plan for their lives and provide a step-by-step road map to breaking through the barriers that may be holding us back.

The class will be facilitated by Rev. Dr. David O. Weatherly on Wednesdays at 6:30pm April 7-May-5. In-person participants will meet in the Spirit Center. Covid safety precautions will be in place and we ask that everyone mask and distance. On-line participants will be able to access the class via a Zoom link that will be emailed on class days at 5:00pm.

Books will be available at the church office for $10.