Covenant Student Ministries

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Our goal is to help create a safe space for all students to feel loved, accepted, challenged, and understood. Our hope is that all students will find community within our ministry. With that sense of community and belonging we can then help them to fostering true discipleship through fellowship, study, worship, prayer, and service.


1. The food is GREAT!
2. The games are always fun, even if you’re not great at games!
3. You will walk away having learned something new about your faith and Jesus!
4. You will impact other people's lives!
5. You are always welcome, even if you have never been before!


Sunday School - 10:10am
Each Sunday students have the opportunity to gather with their peers (Middle School or High School) to discuss and explore a wide range of life topics. This is a time for students to dive deeper into what it is that the Bible has to say on things that are occurring within our homes, schools, communities, and world.

Sunday Night - 5pm- 7pm
Sunday nights are a time for all students, Middle and High School, to join together to share a meal, play games, share life's joys and concerns, explore the scripture, and worship God! This is our largest program event of the week and always lends itself to amazing conversations and a lot of fun. Typically we eat, play some games, and then have a large group interactive discussion about our current series. You will leave having had at least one moment where you realized you are not alone in whatever it is that you are facing.

Wednesday Night  - 6:15pm
Weeks can be long and difficult with all the test, projects, practices, work, and just daily living. Wednesday night is a great time to gather back together as a community to help share the load of life. After all the games and fellowship we try to focus on how we can practically live out our faith. It can be difficult to understand what Jesus is trying to say to us, so we find it best to join together as we dig through God’s Word praying for one another as we continue on this journey with God.


We don’t just hang out within the walls of the church. Here are a few of the things we will be doing this year or have done in the past

  • Beach Trips
  • BigStuf Beach Camp
  • Breakthru Winter Retreat
  • Bridging the Gap: faith after High School
  • Community Outreach
  • Conference Retreats at Lakeshore
  • Explore Memphis: fun things in the 901
  • International Mission Trips
  • Memphis Metro youth events
  • Mountain T.O.P.
  • Trip to St. Louis
  • Winter Mission
  • Youth Annual Conference
  • Other random events focusing on growing in faith, building relationships, serving God’s people, and having fun

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