Mission & Values

Our Mission Statement


We're here to help you connect with Christ and others. Three words tell three primary ways we seek to do that: Celebrate, Unite and Motivate.

Celebrate the Gospel:
Jesus embodied the grace of God as God's loving embrace. Through Christ's self-giving, we connect with God in a way that gives us a new lease on life now and assurance for eternity. That's the good news...the gospel!

Unite People with Christ:
Being connected with Christ means connecting with others too. Genuine Christian community is about caring, growing and sharing a whole new approach to life...as God intended. Jesus sets the agenda. We become his students, his companions, and together we grow in grace. Our Nurture ministries are about becoming authentic Christian disciples.

Motivate to Serve:
Connecting with Christ and each other leads us into the world to make it a better place...by imitating Christ, the self-giving, serving One who is our inspiration. Christ's coming into the world becomes our going into the world in his name.

Our Core Values:

  • Being Christ-centered disciples with bold faith and faithfulness.
  • Inviting all people into our church as home.
  • Embracing all people as an open, welcoming, caring community.
  • Offering spiritually vibrant, diverse, celebrative worship experiences.
  • Focusing on Spiritual Formation through small groups for all ages.
  • Reaching people who are not yet connected or committed to Christ.
  • Expressing the gospel through Christian service in ever widening circles.
  • Preserving our rich heritage of Wesleyan Distinctiveness.
  • Striving for excellence in every area of our ministry.