Sunday School

ADULT CLASSES - currently meeting at 9:00am

Agape - We are a group of active seniors, men and women.  We study the lives of people in the Bible through adult Bible stories, we watch and discuss videos that walk us through the Holy Land in the footsteps of Christ, we listen to favorite hymns and learn their origins, and we study books by modern authors such as James Moore or J.E. Kallas.  Equally important is the fellowship enjoyed each Sunday.  We share joys and concerns. We laugh together, love together, and pray together.  The class is led by Betty Pike and meets in room 102, building. 1.  

Mustard Seed - We are a group of male/female, single/married, 40ish to 80ish. Our class focus is “In the Word” – the study of scripture with a primary emphasis on the New Testament in order to encounter Christ and to grow in personal relationship with Him. Wherever you may be in your walk with Christ, Mustard Seed has a place for you.  The class is led by Ken Matson and meets in room 105, building 2.    

Christ’s Garden - The ages of our class is a 45-85 year spread.  Professionals, Blue Collar, Retiree's, Working stiffs,  Housewives, Mothers, Fathers, Former Clergy, Veterans, Conservatives, Liberals, Locals and Transplants. We rotate studies between selected books of the bible, bible and social topics, and well known authors who provide bible studies. We have covered such topics as bloodshed in the OT, Human Sexuality and Predestination.  Occasionally the class is divided and Family Feud style games are played to keep things fresh. The women usually win those. We don't use videos, but weekly handouts are provided with scripture references to support the topic being discussed.  The people in Christ's Garden are dedicated Christians looking to continue to expand their faith. Questions and Commentary on selected topics are given to support opposing points of view. There is always a great deal of interaction and fellowship. It's not just another sermon! The real motivation of our class is to revisit what we believe while trying to understand viewpoints that are contradictory to our own and then find the logic to support our choices.  Faith is a muscle and it needs to be stretched. Atrophy is not allowed in Christ's Garden.  The class is led by Paul Plourde in room 110,
building 2.  

Breakfast Club - Our class has a broad age range from mid 20’s to early 60’s.  We usually do some type of book study, but we have done various video series discussions as well.  We have open and lively discussion ranging from thoughts regarding the current topical discussion, chapter read, personal experiences and/or personal observations.  We also occasionally enjoy breakfast together on Sunday mornings.  The class has shared leadership in room 112, building 2.  

Crossroads -  Relevant. Fun. Meaningful.  The Crossroads Sunday School class is made up of people from all ages and backgrounds. The appreciation of family is a very important aspect of the class.  Weekly lessons focus on issues that are affecting class members as they live their daily lives and share Biblical insights as to God’s plan for dealing with these modern day issues.   The class spends considerable time on linking individuals together to find new Christian friends, while also providing each other with a support system when things don’t go as planned in life.  New friends are always welcome, and this is a great place to connect with the Church, meet people and learn valuable lessons from the Word of God.  In short, this class is for people experiencing real life problems, in the real world, that are looking for real life solutions—God’s solutions. The class has shared leadership in room 100, building 2.  

Friends in Discovery - Our age group ranges from the mid-30’s to mid-60’s.  We find that this brings in various different viewpoints on not only current events but the tried and true practical experience that others have gone through.  Our studies emphasize the Bible and is rooted within the scripture.  We use books, videos, and handouts that are prepared by the presenter.  We mix up our studies to include complete studies of a book of the Bible and then next we will have something more topical about what is going on the world today.  For the walk through the Bible series, we relate how  this affects the Christian’s life in today’s world.   For the current topics, we stress the never changing Biblical principles.  Our group is very conversational.  The lessons are loaded with open ended questions to invoke participation from the class.  The diversity in age and background of the class brings new perspectives to all age groups.  We share quite a bit about our personal lives and struggles.  The class is led by Steve Montoya in room 111, building 2.  

Friends in Hope - Friends in Hope is a group of adults with a focus on parents with young children but all are welcome to join our class. We are learning through scripture how to manage and thrive in a world of challenges especially when it comes to raising children. Our discussions are lively and we are all responsible for facilitating lessons and choosing class materials to study. We are currently involved in a James Moore study but are willing to expand our hope and horizons as we move through life together in the HOPE that Jesus provides. Come Join Us!  The class has shared leadership in room 107, building 2.  

Seekers - Anyone of any age is welcome to the Seekers class!  We love everyone no matter what their age!  An eclectic group who is passionate about their faith. We like to participate in opportunities to give back and support the missions of CUMC. We have lively discussions about the state of the world and how this applies to Christianity. Seekers use a variety of sources  for their studies in addition to a weekly newsletter that focuses on current events and how that relates to the Bible’s message and God’s word.  This group of "big talkers" can't wait for you to join the discussion. The class meets in room 106, building 1.  

Changes - We have age ranges from 50-60.  We normally take a book of the Bible and study it for however long it takes.  Expect an intimate group with straight-forward Bible study where all opinions are valued and appreciated. The class is led by Ross Carson in room 104, building 1. 

Young Adults - Our college age and young adult class is for high school graduates to age 25.  Our study and dialog will center around the bible, current trends and life’s issues.  We meet during school breaks, holiday breaks and during the summer in room 103, building 1.


Preschool Sunday School - 9:00 am
15 months - Pre-K 4
Preschool Hall, Building 1

Kids Rotation Sunday School - 9:00 am
Kindergarten - 5th Grade  
Promise Land, Building 3


Jr. High - 9:00 am
6th - 8th Grade
The Loft, Building 2

Sr. High - 9:00am
9th - 12th Grade
The Loft, Building 2