Covenant United Methodist Church provides exceptional wedding services in our church's sanctuary, facilities and grounds, conveniently located on Walnut Grove Road in Cordova, Tennessee. We know how difficult it can be to make decisions, so we request that if you can’t find the information that you need - to make your special day perfect - that you just give us a call, and allow us to help you make those decisions with the help from our dedicated staff and our church wedding director.


Scheduling Your Church Wedding

Every effort will be made to schedule your wedding on the date that you desire. However, please note weddings are not scheduled on Sunday, Wednesday evenings, holidays/holiday weekends, Advent, Christmas, one week prior to Palm Sunday through Easter, or during church-wide events. All weddings are subject to Pastoral approval. To inquire about available dates for your wedding please call Liz Yancey at 901-754-8587.

Ceremony Officiating

The pastors enjoy performing the weddings for members of the church they serve. If anyone other than the pastor is officiating you will have to have prior approval of the senior pastor. The pastor will then invite the guest clergy.

Wedding Director

Covenant United Methodist Church wants to make your wedding worry and hassle free. With that in mind, you will be assigned a wedding director to assist you with your needs at your rehearsal and wedding. The wedding director is trained and acquainted with many details involved in both the wedding and rehearsal in order to make your experience pleasant and enjoyable. The wedding director duties include:
-Answering your questions regarding wedding procedures.
-Assisting the Pastor at your rehearsal.
-Arriving 3 hours early the day of the wedding to check the sanctuary for placement of flowers, candles, proper lighting, guest book, etc.
-Being sure the wedding flowers are on the proper persons.
-Assisting ushers, candle lighters, florists, photographer, and others involved in the ceremony.
-Being available to the bride and the wedding party for their needs in getting ready for the wedding.
-Being responsible for the smooth operation of your wedding by correlating time with the Music Director and Pastor and having all persons at their proper place on time.
-Supervising seating of family members, candle lighting, ushering, and starting the processional at the proper time.
-Directing members of the wedding party and guests after the ceremony.

It should be noted that the Wedding Director is not a Wedding Planner and responsibilities are limited to the Church premises unless otherwise negotiated with the Wedding Director.


Your service of marriage is a service of worship. The wedding should reflect the God-centered focus that characterizes all worship services. Covenant prefers that our church organist/musician, be used for all weddings if available on requested dates. Any exceptions must be approved by the senior pastor and the church organist. The church organist is not automatically booked with the church. The wedding couple is responsible for the booking of the organist and for fees associated with this service. The initial contact will be made through the wedding director. The wedding couple must make contact a minimum of 3 months in advance with the organist. Organist fees are to be made payable directly to the organist and in the church office two months prior to your wedding date.


Pictures may be taken prior to and after the ceremony. We ask that the photographers and videographers not be in the altar area during the ceremony.

Sound System and Lighting

The wedding director will assign a technician for the sound and lighting of the service. The fee for this service is $100 and must be paid two months in prior to your wedding date.

Pre-Marital Counseling

Covenant United Methodist Church requires that you attend counseling sessions with one of our pastors or with the pastor officiating the service with the approval of one of our pastors.


Nothing is to be moved or rearranged on or near the altar area. If using pew decorations, please use caution on the wood so not to scratch. Nails, tacks, tape, or pins may not be used to support any type of decoration to any church furnishings (includes walls, floor, pews, etc).


Please contact Liz Yancey at 901-754-8587 for an updated fee schedule and deposit requirements. Your fee includes the following: pastor honorarium (if you are a non-member using our pastor), wedding coordinator fee, church organist fee, sound technician fee, maintenance, security, custodial and room usage. Your balance is due two months prior to your wedding date.

General Information

Consumption of alcoholic beverages are prohibited in and on the Church grounds. Covenant United Methodist Church is not liable for items left on the property.


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